HiQ energy®

HiQ energy® is an energy saving and energy efficiency expert company, aware of the need of preserving our environment. The HiQ energy® objective is that you reduce your use of energy without neither reducing your production level, nor renouncing to your status of comfort, nor neglecting to all your daily needs.

Therefore HiQ energy® will help you to optimize your electric energy resources and consequently obtain more beneficial effects on the short, medium and large term.The technology owned by HiQ energy, Ltda incorporates an autotransformer with a double zig zag cross coil that optimizes the energy consumption.

In HiQ energy® we manufacture efficient electric energy saving devices for you, that will be adapted to your site requirements. We produce the following device types:

  • Single phase

    for residential and small
    installations. Less than 20 Kw.

  • Two Phases

    for commercial and medium

  • Three phases

    for industrial, hotels and all large installations.

Commence right now to reduce your use of energy and cut down your costs.

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