The harmonics cause over heating in electrical equipment and installations, producing loses of energy. At the same time the harmonics cause these devices’ life span accelerated decrease, and this sometimes provoke non reversible damages.

The current harmonic distortion interacts with the system’s impedance reducing the life span of engines, and producing errors in electric equipment.

HiQ energy®acts reducing effectively the harmonics and provides a significant improvement of the quality of the electric energy consumed.

HiQ energy®prevents the unnecessary energy consumption

caused by unbalance between the phases, that occurs mainly due to the supply of uncompensated electricity, the electrical installation and the daily activity that provoke the imbalance.

HiQ energy improves the quality of the energy offering an stable current after the HiQ energy® and a balanced consumption between phases.

When reducing the harmonics with HiQ energy®

we can help reducing the existing current trough the neutral cable,  and reducing  the noise in the electrical installation; as a result we get  electrical equipments working best and the circuit breakers will not strip unforeseeable.

HiQ energy®stabilises curves of current and voltage minimising spikes

that so hardly attack the computers, lighting, and electric precision equipment enlarging its life span.